About Korean Raisin

In Korea, Korean Raisin Tree (Heotgae Tree 헛개나무) has been known as its function for liver protection. The Korean Raisin Tree is a unique plant, the edible portion of the tree is not actually the fruit. The fruit itself is small, hard, pea-sized, and not edible. But the stem or stalk of the fruit, once the fruit matures, will swell up and become gnarled. It is this fruit stalk, technically called a rachis, which is edible and sweet taste similar to raisins.

The Korean Raisin has a long history of being used as traditional remedies in Japan, Korea and China. It has been a part of our diet as well for millenniums in Asia and highly prized by oriental herbalists for centuries for its mystical healing powers for a wide range of liver dysfunctions. 


Korean Raisin Ice-cream

A clerk arranges ice cream bars named Gyeondyo-bar, which translates to “hang in there” at a convenience store in Seoul
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