Liver, The Silent Organ That Never Complains

12 Health Warnings That May Be Hazardous to Your Life

Liver, The Silent Organ That Never Complains

12 Health Warnings That May Be Hazardous to Your Life

Liver the most important
detoxification organ

How does Celclenz
work for your body

How does Celclenz
work for your body

9 Active Ingredients

Benefits of CelClenz

Dihydromyricetin, also known as Ampelopsin, is the active ingredient in Korean Raisin that essentially removes the brain fog that excessive alcohol consumption causes.


Quercetin, known as the antiviral and anti inflammation properties in Korean Raisin. It is also known as an effective bronchodilator that will help reduce the release of histamine in the body and all the other allergic chemicals on your body. It is also known as a good treatment for eczema and fibromyalgia.


Hepatoprotective is the ability to prevent liver damage that often caused by toxins, heavy metals, viral infection, cholesterol and alcohol.


  • Strengthen the liver cells
  • Reduce the burden on the liver
  • Enhance the detoxification function

Quality assured


How to use

Recommended Usage

5 Days Detox Program

3 times per day (Morning/Noon/Night) 2 sachets each time before meal.

** Allow powder to dissolve gradually under the tongue.
** Drink 8 glass of water daily for optimum result
** After 5 days, consume 1 sachet daily to maintain a healthy body.


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